Ocean Ally: The Beginning

Welcome to the Kids Saving Oceans blog, Ocean Ally. I hope you eventually find a wealth of information here about ocean ecosystems, creatures, and conservation.

Today, however, I want to show you a glimpse of what Kids Saving Oceans hopes to do. When I was little – maybe only a bit older than Miles is now – my family left suburban Detroit to vacation on the Connecticut shore where I was born. My brother and I spent hours deeply engrossed in the micro-ecosystems of that shoreline with its tide pools and alternately bold and timid crabs. I can vividly recall the feeling of wonder some thirty five years later, and know that what I found there set me on a lifelong path of discovery and purpose.

The wonder and imagination of a child can take them anywhere on earth in their later years. Whether they experience this through their own adventures or through the stories we tell, we are capable of lighting a fire that can burn for a lifetime. We hope to speak directly to this magic of discovery in our imagery and show kids engaging with their environment with the joy of inspiration.

Introducing our little people to the wonders of the ocean world is one way to support future stewards of our environment. There are great people doing great things for the ocean right now, however, and Miles wanted to find some way to give more than his piggy bank (currently valued at $16.75) could offer to support their work. So, we’ll donate a portion of every KSO purchase to a group working on ocean and coastal conservation. We hope to introduce you to some of them and be a resource if you choose to engage more deeply in their work.

And, of course there is the gear itself. We want you to feel good about your purchases, and everything we sell is made from materials we can be proud of – using recycled plastics, environmentally responsible dying processes, and limiting the packaging used in shipping. Our stuff is designed for kids and made to be fun, durable, and comfortable. We’ll always look for ways to provide you with products you love that are made from materials you can feel good about. We’re just getting started but we’ll try to offer new and interesting designs to spark the imagination of your whole family.

And with that, welcome to Kids Saving Oceans and Ocean Ally. It might not be much to look at now, but some great things have been launched from a dining room table. We’re so glad you are starting the journey with us!