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Causes We Love and Support

Every time you buy something from Kids Saving Oceans, we make a donation to a designated non-profit organization that is working to protect and save our oceans, waterways, and surrounding ecosystems. Read about the charities we love and support below - they are filled with amazing people doing amazing things every day!


The Surfrider Foundation

The Surfrider Foundation is dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world’s ocean, waves, and beaches through a powerful activist network.


The World Wildlife Federation (WWF) - Oceans

WWF is working collaboratively on the brightest conservation ideas that focus on building a more resilient ocean through sustainable fishing practices and protecting important regions, like the Arctic and threatened mangrove forests.


Reef Check Foundation

The Reef Check Foundation exists to help preserve the oceans and reefs which are critical to our survival, yet are being destroyed. With headquarters in Los Angeles and volunteer teams in more than 90 countries and territories, Reef Check works to protect tropical coral reefs and California rocky reefs through education, research and conservation. 

mangrove action project.png

Mangrove Action Project

The Mangrove Action Project takes a grassroots, bottom-up approach to mangrove conservation and restoration issues. Their approach involves and includes the voices of the global South, local communities, and their partner non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

institute for ocean conservation science.jpg

Institute for Ocean Conservation Science

The Institute for Ocean Conservation Science is dedicated to advancing ocean conservation through science. They conduct world-class scientific research that increases knowledge about threats to oceans and their inhabitants, provides the foundation for smarter ocean policy, and establishes new frameworks for improved ocean conservation.