Kids Saving Oceans News, Media, and Other Outreach

Kids Saving Oceans is more than a business - we believe that conversations about the issues impacting our oceans matter. Check out some of the work we’re doing and conversations we’re having!


Kids Saving Oceans and Earth Week

Produced by award-winning marketing and advertising agency SPARK, follow along as Miles implements Earth Week at his elementary school.


Raising Locals: Meet the 6-Year-Old Founder of Kids Saving Oceans

Published in Green Bench Monthly, read about Miles’ inspiration and learn some tips for keeping our oceans clean!


Creative Mornings St. Pete - Every Choice Matters

Miles, age 6, started Kids Saving Oceans after deciding he needed to do more to help the ocean and it's creatures. Miles (and his mom Libby) will tell you the tale of how sharks inspired a first grader to start a business, how his business is inspiring others to turn their love of the ocean into action, and how the hopeful enthusiasm of one boy changed his mom's whole perspective on her career as an ocean advocate.


St. Pete Catalyst - The Hustle

The Hustle shines a light on artists, creatives, solopreneurs, small business owners, and side hustlers. Click here to read about Kids Saving Oceans and Miles’ hustling!


Blink;Tech - Community Spotlight: Kids Saving Oceans

Blink;Tech profiled Kids Saving Oceans and Miles, including his 2019 trip to Washington, DC when he met with the Select Committee on the Climate Crisis.


ABC Action News: First-grader starts lifestyle brand

Sean Daly from ABC Action News interviewed Miles to talk about why he started Kids Saving Oceans and what the future holds.


Kids Saving Oceans and the St. Pete City Council

In his first public speaking event, Miles talks to the St. Petersburg, FL City Council about banning plastic straws and polystyrene. (Spoiler alert: the ban passed!)