About Miles

Hi - I’m Miles!

I'm a Florida kid who’s ocean accomplishment include finding dozens of sharks teeth on Amelia Island, boogie boarding the Florida East Coast, and snorkeling the Dry Tortugas. I live in a house where marine conservation is a frequent dinnertime topic and feel strongly about my obligation and opportunity to help the ocean.

Picture It: Summer, 2018

After watching countless hours of Shark Week when I was 6, I spent a LOT of time thinking and talking about the challenges facing our oceans and the critters that call them home. I was particularly moved by watching Shark Tank on Shark Week (even if he was confused as to why the sharks were people, and not actual sharks), especially Mark Cuban and Shark Allies. I resolved to help somehow and started talking to my Mom about donating my weekly allowance to save the sharks.

After some discussion, we resolved to find a way to support ocean conservation work across a number of important issues and over a longer time frame than a single donation would allow. I decided that t-shirts, hats, and stickers for kids and their grown-up allies would allow my generation of ocean lovers to wear their commitment proudly and proceeds from each sale could go to any number of great organizations.